Curtin Environmental Club 2015

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Recycling Tips

Here you can find out what and where to recycle at Miri. Before that, you must know to refuse, reduce and reuse!

1) Refuse - "No plastic, thanks!" 

2) Reduce - Buy less things

3) Reuse - Use old stuffs in different ways

4) Recycle

Popular Recyclables
  Preferable Conditions
Staplers ok
No contaminants like grease
Newspapers & A4 papers: Don't crush (Many recycle centers do not collect crushed papers at Miri)
Plastic Bottles
Clean & dry
Aluminium Tins
Clean & dry

Tzu Chi Recycling Points

A clearer map and detailed address can be found here.

Collect papers, plastics, metals, aluminium, PETE bottles and clothes on:

Tuesdays & Fridays 8.30am till 11.30am

1. Krokop


4th Sunday 8.30am till 11.30am 

2. Faradale Garden
3. Pujut 2
4. Pujut 6
5. PermyJaya
6. Taman Tunku
7. MorsJaya
8. Bumiko
9. Luak Bay
10. Piasau Garden

Is Styrofoam Recyclable?

Yes, but we don't. Why

Can Pizza Boxes be Recycled? No

Saving Space at Home

You can open the caps of the PET bottles and then step on them to save space. You can also reuse paper boxes to store your recyclables. "Say No to Plastic Bags"!